SOC QR Code Mobile Landing Page Appreciation Wins

By Julie Larson

SOC QR Code Mobile Landing Page – Appreciation Wins (big)!

SOC QR Code | Appreciation Wins | Dave & Shelly SmithDave and Shelley Smith know first hand that having an attitude of gratitude can be rewarding in all areas of life. As independent distributors with Send Out Cards, they are on a mission to “change lives one card at a time”.

Recently, Dave and I were talking about the differences between static and dynamic QR codes. Both types of QR codes are great (if used properly) and they each serve a different purpose. Static QR codes are the kind that are directed to one url – be it a website or a video. With a static QR code, you probably won’t be able to change where the code takes the user once it’s been generated. Static QR codes are excellent for sending a personal message or linking to a one time event.

If you’re looking at printing a QR code on your business cards or other marketing materials, you’ll definitely want to consider getting a dynamic QR code. The reason you’ll want to go with a dynamic QR code when it comes to your marketing materials is that the code itself remains the same. However, if you need or want to change where the code takes the user, you can easily make changes instantly through your dynamic QR code’s dashboard.

Dave recently purchased a dynamic QR code for Appreciation Wins and had his mobile landing page set up within minutes. Check out what a nice job he did…

SOC QR Code | Appreciation Wins | Dave & Shelly SmithThe really nice thing about Dave and Shelly’s dynamic QR code is that they can swap out the video on their mobile landing page any time they want. As a matter of fact, they can change anything they want to on that page and it won’t disrupt the code. So, they can safely add their QR code to any of their printed marketing materials.

When you get a moment, please scan Dave and Shelly’s QR code and be sure to visit their Facebook page and give them a “Like”!

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