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How to Search Facebook Old Posts – Search Facebook Groups

Search Facebook | Old Posts | Search Facebook Groups | DivasMobileSolutions.comI love facebook groups and that’s really where I spend the majority of my time spent on facebook. Facebook groups are a great place for people to gather online who share a common interest. Since I use fb for business, the groups that I’m interested in have to do with Internet marketing and WordPress websites. As a matter of fact, I met my Co-Diva, Laura Heuer, in a facebook group for the Expand2Web Experts. It’s a private members only group (we pay a pittance each month compared to the priceless information shared within the group) for people who use the SmallBiz Theme created by Don Campbell of Expand2Web.

Within my E2W fb group, there’s lots of valuable information, tips and tools shared every single day and it would be really hard to keep track of those resources (I tried and it was too hard to keep up). So, what I do now is use the search tool within my facebook groups and I can find just about anything I want to go back to by simply typing in keywords. I can even search by the person’s name if I knew who posted or contributed to the post.

Watch this video I made and you’ll see how easy it is!

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  1. Raphael Says:

    If you want to search for your own content, I wrote an app that will let you perform a text search for your Facebook photo albums, videos, notes, status posts and recent events:

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