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Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

How to Search Facebook Old Posts – Search Facebook Groups

Search Facebook | Old Posts | Search Facebook Groups | DivasMobileSolutions.comI love facebook groups and that’s really where I spend the majority of my time spent on facebook. Facebook groups are a great place for people to gather online who share a common interest. Since I use fb for business, the groups that I’m interested in have to do with Internet marketing and WordPress websites. As a matter of fact, I met my Co-Diva, (more…)

Facebook Group Vanity URL

Monday, June 11th, 2012

by Julie Larson

How to Claim Your Facebook Group Vanity URL

Social Media Icons in Gmail Signature | Divas Mobile SolutionsClaiming your Facebook group’s vanity url is really easy to do. What was not so easy was finding out where you go to claim it! The reason for claiming your group’s vanity name or url is because it’s much easier to share the name of a group than it is all the numbers that appear in the url.

If you haven’t claimed your group name yet, (more…)

How to Add YouTube Channel to Facebook

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

by Julie Larson

How to Add YouTube Channel to Facebook Timeline

With the new Facebook Timeline in full swing now, it’s a great time to go back to your Facebook Page and get it looking good! If you have videos that you’ve added to your YouTube channel, why not have that channel show up on your Facebook Page as well!

Even if you don’t have videos that you have uploaded to YouTube, you’ll still want to create a YouTube account and get your YouTube channel set up. Here’s why (more…)

Integrating Facebook

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

by Julie Larson

Integrating Facebook and WordPress and the 2012 Facebook Updates

Integrating Facebook and WordPress | 2012 Facebook UpdatesKudos to the Expand2Web team and how they have, once again, stayed on top of all the 2012 Facebook updates that have happened thus far! When we first learned about the new Facebook Timeline that was going to roll out for not only the personal profiles, but the business pages as well, we were less than enthused. However, after attending a private training (more…)